Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why You Should Use A Sage Blessing (Or Sage Smudge) In Your Wedding Or Vow Renewal Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony should be as unique as you.  So why not try something totally 'out-of-the-box' to make your special day that much more memorable.

Sage Cleansing (or Sage Blessing) is a tradition rooted in Native American culture.  It calls upon the powerful cleansing and healing properties that sage is known for.  To unlock them, the sage is burned; a ritual most often referred to as 'smudging'.  Sage smudging consists of burning a bundle of sage, and allowing the smoke to smolder and cleanse, purify, and encourage positive energy and good fortune. The process typically also includes thoughts or affirmations, guiding the intentions of your sage cleanse.  What better ritual for your wedding day?

Sage cleansing kits are available online, and are easy to add to your ceremony line up.  With a little instruction, anyone can do this!  Perhaps you can even honor someone in your ceremony by asking them to conduct the sage cleansing for you!  Couples are starting to include these non-traditional sage blessings in their wedding ceremonies, and it's a wonderful way to encourage positive energy and good fortune before saying 'I do'.  


The sage blessing itself is a quiet, spiritual process, and usually includes focus on a particular affirmation.  Imagine how much fun you could have with this, asking your guests to be a part of this - either through saying an affirmation aloud, or simply watching and sending their positive thoughts as you are 'cleansed' as a couple.

The sage blessing would be well placed in a Vow Renewal Ceremony as well, and we're sure that those lucky enough to witness it will remember it for a long time to come.   Whether a couple is hoping to focus on positivity and the good fortune the future has in store for them, or recovering from a difficult phase in their marriage, and the healing, cleansing properties of the process; you can make your sage smudging ceremony exactly what you need it to be for your own special celebration.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you to give it a try... just imagine the photos of the two of you encircled in a smoky haze of positive energy during your smudge!  This is sure to top the list of unique wedding ideas for 2015.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sage Smudge Set As A Non-Valentine Gift

Valentine's Day is just around the corner... but it's not a happy holiday for everyone.  If you know someone who is going through a breakup or divorce, Valentine's Day can be the perfect time to reach out and let them know you are thinking of them!

We've got you covered with this amazing sage cleansing 'Fresh Start Kit', which is the ultimate break up survival kit, or divorce gift idea -  for anyone who might need a little extra love on Valentine's Day.  

If you don't know what a sage smudge or sage cleansing ceremony is, read here to learn the basics.  Just know that this kit contains everything needed for a sage cleansing ceremony, and anyone can do it!  In addition, you'll get a bottle of sage smudge spray, white sage scented soap, and one of three custom fragrance blends (using sage essential oils) of aromatherapy bath salts!

Find this kit here.  And Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sage Smudging Has Been Used For Centuries...

Burning sage, or sage smudging has been used throughout history.  If you'd like a quick read that give you all the basics about sage smudging, and an interesting history of the practice, read on!  This article was found on the Examiner, and is an informative piece.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Best Memorable Housewarming Gift Ideas - All Under $50!

If you are looking for a memorable and unique house warming gift, this idea is sure to please.  Have you ever heard of a sage smudge?  This is a ritual from Native American times, which is thought to encourage positive energy in a home, and banish misfortune.  The sage smudge 'ceremony' or sage cleansing/blessing can be done by anyone, and involves burning a sage smudge stick and allowing the smoke to waft through the space.

This website has many kits available, packaged as housewarming gifts, which include not only a history of Sage Smudging, but complete instructions and everything you need to perform a sage smudge blessing or sage cleanse (also called a space clearing) in your own home. 

Here are some examples of housewarming gifts that are sure to be remembered and appreciated by new homeowners:

Basic Sage Cleansing Kit:
This kit contains everything you need to conduct a sage blessing in your own home, and it's the perfect "just the basics" introduction to sage cleansing.  It includes a sage smudge stick, an abalone shell (which was traditionally used to catch the ashes in a ritual sage cleanse), and a wooden display stand - for storage and display of your smudge kit between uses.  This retails for $18.00 at

Sage Cleansing Gift Kit:
This kit contains all the basics of the above kit, but with the addition of a smudge spray, which is available in a variety of scents.  Smudge spray is a great smokeless alternative to a full sage smudge - and can be used to refresh a space when a formal smudge is not possible.  Made with essential oil of sage, it can be used as a room spray, a linen spray, and an energy cleanse for any space.  This kit makes a beautiful housewarming gift (affordable too, as it retails for just $22.00 and comes packaged and ready to give).

Housewarming Gift Kit - A Sage Smudge Gift Set For First Time Home Owners!
This kit is a step above your 'average' sage smudge kit, and includes a number of items packaged with a new homeowner in mind.  The kit starts with a basic sage smudge set (white sage smudge stick, abalone shell to catch ashes, and wooden display stand), and also includes a decorative bamboo fan for wafting smudge smoke, a sage planting set, white sage seeds, a 4.0 oz. smudge spray available in your choice of 6 scents, and for the new homeowners to commemorate their sage smudge ceremony; a handcrafted sweetgrass braid ornament.  This can be hung near the entrance of the home to encourage positive energy or it can be used as a holiday ornament for years to come.

New Beginnings Sage Cleansing Gift Kit
This kit would make a wonderful housewarming gift for a single female.  This kit includes all the basics for a sage smudge or sage blessing / sage cleansing (including a complete guide for how-to conduct a ritual sage cleanse), but also adds a 4.0 oz. smudge spray (can be used as a room spray or linen spray) which is a smokeless alternative to a smudge ceremony.  In addition, your recipient will enjoy a large jar of sage cleansing bath salts - made with essential oil of sage - sure to bring their sage smudge experience to the next level.  This kit is the ultimate unique housewarming gift - and will help someone unwind and relax, and celebrate their new space following the stresses and chaos of a move!  This kit retails for $32.00, and makes a thoughtful and unique house warming gift.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Want To Win A Free Sage Smudge Kit? Read on... is hosting a free Sage Cleansing / Sage Smudge kit giveaway, and this is a nearly monthly event planned for 2015.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details, and to see how to enter to win here:

This is the kit that is being offered for January 2015 - New Beginnings Sage Cleansing Kit

Sage smudging is a way to encourage positive energy and banish misfortune - it's the perfect way to begin a new year.  This kit also includes Sage Smudge spray (a smokeless alternative to sage smudging, for use between cleansing ceremonies), as well as a jar of aromatherapy sage cleansing bath salts, made with essential oil of sage.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Keep Calm and Smudge On

Courtesy of Keep Calm Studios, we love this sentiment for the New Year...
Keep Calm and Smudge On!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Why You Should Include A Sage Smudge In Your New Years Tradition

Sage smudging is an age-old ritual to bring about positive energy, and is also sometimes called a sage cleansing, a space clearing or a sage blessing.  Smudging involves burning sage, letting the smoldering smoke envelope the space you're cleansing, and setting a positive intention.  This process dates back to ancient Egypt and was also a custom in many Native American cultures.

Sage smudging can add negative ions to the air, so it's scientifically linked to a better mood, and therefore, a happier place to be.  It is thought to purify a space, absorb misfortune, and bring about a more balanced, positive, healing energy.  What better time to begin anew than New Year's?

If you aren't sure how to perform a sage smudge, there are lots of how-to's online, including this one, where you can learn the basics for your own sage cleanse.  However, you can alter this process to meet your goals and to line up with your own comfort level.  Anyone can do it!

You'll want to look for a sage cleansing kit, preferable one with instructions, and something to catch the ashes from the sage stick during your cleanse.  Traditionally, an abalone shell was used.  You can assemble your own kit (many smudge sticks/wands are available at natural markets, but finding a smudge bowl, smudge fan, etc. may be harder), so an all inclusive sage cleansing kit makes it easy.  There are many options available online, like this one and this one.  

Whatever your smudge kit ends up looking like, the process is the same.  Take some time to set your intentions for the New Year, and the sky is the limit.  You're likely to feel not only liberated from past events or negativity, but it is a great way to ring in the New Year and bring about good fortune as you kick off 2015.  Once you try a Sage Smudge, it's sure to be a part of your New Years tradition for years to come!

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