Friday, December 19, 2014

Why You Should Include A Sage Smudge In Your New Years Tradition

Sage smudging is an age-old ritual to bring about positive energy, and is also sometimes called a sage cleansing, a space clearing or a sage blessing.  Smudging involves burning sage, letting the smoldering smoke envelope the space you're cleansing, and setting a positive intention.  This process dates back to ancient Egypt and was also a custom in many Native American cultures.

Sage smudging can add negative ions to the air, so it's scientifically linked to a better mood, and therefore, a happier place to be.  It is thought to purify a space, absorb misfortune, and bring about a more balanced, positive, healing energy.  What better time to begin anew than New Year's?

If you aren't sure how to perform a sage smudge, there are lots of how-to's online, including this one, where you can learn the basics for your own sage cleanse.  However, you can alter this process to meet your goals and to line up with your own comfort level.  Anyone can do it!

You'll want to look for a sage cleansing kit, preferable one with instructions, and something to catch the ashes from the sage stick during your cleanse.  Traditionally, an abalone shell was used.  You can assemble your own kit (many smudge sticks/wands are available at natural markets, but finding a smudge bowl, smudge fan, etc. may be harder), so an all inclusive sage cleansing kit makes it easy.  There are many options available online, like this one and this one.  

Whatever your smudge kit ends up looking like, the process is the same.  Take some time to set your intentions for the New Year, and the sky is the limit.  You're likely to feel not only liberated from past events or negativity, but it is a great way to ring in the New Year and bring about good fortune as you kick off 2015.  Once you try a Sage Smudge, it's sure to be a part of your New Years tradition for years to come!

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