Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why You Should Use A Sage Blessing (Or Sage Smudge) In Your Wedding Or Vow Renewal Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony should be as unique as you.  So why not try something totally 'out-of-the-box' to make your special day that much more memorable.

Sage Cleansing (or Sage Blessing) is a tradition rooted in Native American culture.  It calls upon the powerful cleansing and healing properties that sage is known for.  To unlock them, the sage is burned; a ritual most often referred to as 'smudging'.  Sage smudging consists of burning a bundle of sage, and allowing the smoke to smolder and cleanse, purify, and encourage positive energy and good fortune. The process typically also includes thoughts or affirmations, guiding the intentions of your sage cleanse.  What better ritual for your wedding day?

Sage cleansing kits are available online, and are easy to add to your ceremony line up.  With a little instruction, anyone can do this!  Perhaps you can even honor someone in your ceremony by asking them to conduct the sage cleansing for you!  Couples are starting to include these non-traditional sage blessings in their wedding ceremonies, and it's a wonderful way to encourage positive energy and good fortune before saying 'I do'.  


The sage blessing itself is a quiet, spiritual process, and usually includes focus on a particular affirmation.  Imagine how much fun you could have with this, asking your guests to be a part of this - either through saying an affirmation aloud, or simply watching and sending their positive thoughts as you are 'cleansed' as a couple.

The sage blessing would be well placed in a Vow Renewal Ceremony as well, and we're sure that those lucky enough to witness it will remember it for a long time to come.   Whether a couple is hoping to focus on positivity and the good fortune the future has in store for them, or recovering from a difficult phase in their marriage, and the healing, cleansing properties of the process; you can make your sage smudging ceremony exactly what you need it to be for your own special celebration.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you to give it a try... just imagine the photos of the two of you encircled in a smoky haze of positive energy during your smudge!  This is sure to top the list of unique wedding ideas for 2015.

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  1. Yeah sage blessing ritual is getting popular nowadays. It is a fabulous way to get positive energy right before saying “I do”. I love this ritual. You know my location for vows has special arrangements for this unique ritual!