Sunday, January 11, 2015

Best Memorable Housewarming Gift Ideas - All Under $50!

If you are looking for a memorable and unique house warming gift, this idea is sure to please.  Have you ever heard of a sage smudge?  This is a ritual from Native American times, which is thought to encourage positive energy in a home, and banish misfortune.  The sage smudge 'ceremony' or sage cleansing/blessing can be done by anyone, and involves burning a sage smudge stick and allowing the smoke to waft through the space.

This website has many kits available, packaged as housewarming gifts, which include not only a history of Sage Smudging, but complete instructions and everything you need to perform a sage smudge blessing or sage cleanse (also called a space clearing) in your own home. 

Here are some examples of housewarming gifts that are sure to be remembered and appreciated by new homeowners:

Basic Sage Cleansing Kit:
This kit contains everything you need to conduct a sage blessing in your own home, and it's the perfect "just the basics" introduction to sage cleansing.  It includes a sage smudge stick, an abalone shell (which was traditionally used to catch the ashes in a ritual sage cleanse), and a wooden display stand - for storage and display of your smudge kit between uses.  This retails for $18.00 at

Sage Cleansing Gift Kit:
This kit contains all the basics of the above kit, but with the addition of a smudge spray, which is available in a variety of scents.  Smudge spray is a great smokeless alternative to a full sage smudge - and can be used to refresh a space when a formal smudge is not possible.  Made with essential oil of sage, it can be used as a room spray, a linen spray, and an energy cleanse for any space.  This kit makes a beautiful housewarming gift (affordable too, as it retails for just $22.00 and comes packaged and ready to give).

Housewarming Gift Kit - A Sage Smudge Gift Set For First Time Home Owners!
This kit is a step above your 'average' sage smudge kit, and includes a number of items packaged with a new homeowner in mind.  The kit starts with a basic sage smudge set (white sage smudge stick, abalone shell to catch ashes, and wooden display stand), and also includes a decorative bamboo fan for wafting smudge smoke, a sage planting set, white sage seeds, a 4.0 oz. smudge spray available in your choice of 6 scents, and for the new homeowners to commemorate their sage smudge ceremony; a handcrafted sweetgrass braid ornament.  This can be hung near the entrance of the home to encourage positive energy or it can be used as a holiday ornament for years to come.

New Beginnings Sage Cleansing Gift Kit
This kit would make a wonderful housewarming gift for a single female.  This kit includes all the basics for a sage smudge or sage blessing / sage cleansing (including a complete guide for how-to conduct a ritual sage cleanse), but also adds a 4.0 oz. smudge spray (can be used as a room spray or linen spray) which is a smokeless alternative to a smudge ceremony.  In addition, your recipient will enjoy a large jar of sage cleansing bath salts - made with essential oil of sage - sure to bring their sage smudge experience to the next level.  This kit is the ultimate unique housewarming gift - and will help someone unwind and relax, and celebrate their new space following the stresses and chaos of a move!  This kit retails for $32.00, and makes a thoughtful and unique house warming gift.

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